Monday, August 29, 2011

Dealing With Hair Loss?

Almost every man in the western world worries about Men's hair loss. Hair loss and baldness are seen as positives in other cultures, even a sign of virility. However, it is considered something to be ashamed of and avoided at all costs in the western culture. In today's world though, there are different routes available to help one deal with losing your hair. They range from understanding the underlying cause, to out right hair replacement therapies. We will help you wade through these options by discussing a few of the things you should consider. According to some studies, using Saw Palmetto can do a lot in solving this issue. Some depend heavily on a drug called Propecia for hair loss treatment. This method has been proven to show results improvement regardless of the cause of your hair loss. Propecia is an oral drug that helps fight Telogen by stimulating these sleeping enzymes and follicles into action. Growing natural hair by waking up sleeping follicles is made possible with Propecia. The FDA has only approved two prescription drugs for hair loss treatment and Propecia i one of them. If the Federal Drug Administration approves of it that means they stand behind it's claims to regrow hair. Ask your healthcare professional before beginning any new treatment or therapy such as Propecia.Another type of herb you should look into are Bitter Melon as these are really wonderful for you.
The western world knows another treatment by the name of Rogaine as a successful treatment option for hair loss. Rogaine has become a household name in many geographic areas of the world in part due to it's heavily marketed campaigns. The second FDA approved method is this Rogaine. This treatment is unlike Propecia in that it is a topical treatment. You apply the product to your scalp and, eventually, your follicles will start growing hair again. Natural hair is what most men are looking for if that's your case this is the product for you. The only caveat is that you have to keep using it or your hair will start to fall out again.

Were you aware that some shampoo has been proven to cause hair loss? Some shampoos simply react badly to the type of hair that you have. Never use a shampoo prescribed to someone else it can cause you to have hair loss. As soon as you notice your hair falling out you should think about changing shampoos. You may just discover that fixes your problem all together. Talking to your doctor must always be your first line of defense just to be sure. There are many reasons a man might lose his hair. There are also lots of ways to fight back against the baldness that is threatening to take over your scalp. Make a point of asking your doctor about options. She may guide you in a different direction entirely based on your individual diagnoses. You could also just save yourself the headache of dealing with it all and shave your head.