Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dealing with Costa Rica

There are plenty of travelers who have come and gone to Costa Rica but do not know its exact location because when they are there, they are overwhelmed by its beauty. It is a beautiful country in Central America with amazing beaches facing the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Some of its surrounding countries including Panama and Nicaragua.

It has been possible for Costa Rica to reach a state wherein it is considered to be an established part of the region. Tourism in the country is really booming and it is also great to know that the government is making an effort to keep their natural treasures protected at all times. What you have here is the number one spot in the Happy Planet Index.

Here is where the appeal of the country does not only come from the place itself but also from the people living there. Bars and restaurants get in on the action with food and music every night. Because of the vastness of offerings from this country, it is no wonder that more and more people make it a point to visit this destination.

One of the most famous things that this location is known for is the row of world class beaches. This particular country in Central America is home to one of the best surf spots in the region which goes by the name of Dominical Beach. The nightlife in the country is another reason for its bustling tourism since a number of vacationers are attracted to the place because of it.

One other place that travelers head off to in this part of the world is Jacò Beach which has bars and casinos that are open all night long. The entire town of Jacò is known by locals and expats as the “party beach city”. If you find yourself in this small town, you can do everything from shopping to surfing and even sightseeing if this is your thing.

For those desiring to enjoy serenity with nature, the place to go is Playa Grande. If you want refuge from the busy city life, what you should do is head off to this white sand beach and recharge for as long as you need to. Here is where tons of leatherback sea turtles nest every single year.

There are some travelers who are real life thrill seekers and this is where rafting comes in. In this case, you will enjoy a rafting adventure considering the fact that the country has tons of rivers. Aside from Turrialba, there is the Sarapiqui River and Toro River that can also cater to you for those rafting needs.

It is also a good idea to fish if you travel to this destination. Aside from the sand and surf, you can also dive out when you are here. In this case, such plans are only the ones involving water.

You can join a biking trip when you visit this country and you will have the chance to bike through mountains and volcanoes. If possible, you can go through one of the dirt paths leading to the Turrialba Volcano foothills. There is another path leading to Lake Arenal which is also amazing.

There are so many things to see, enjoy, experience, taste, shop and do in Costa Rica. You will need more time than 7 days here. To reach this paradise-nation from the United States, there are several direct flights from Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and Chicago, as there are also directly flights from the major cities around the world.

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