Monday, January 23, 2012

Should I Use Animal Waste Removal?

We all know that animal poo is gross and stinky, but did you know that it can be bad for you too? For example, if you leave dropping to build up in your home, you can be putting yourself in a dangerous space. Thankfully, all of this can be prevented by getting a professional company to come and remove this waste.

Urine and feces from animals can cause property damage such as contamination and staining. Even wild animals like bats, pigeons and raccoons leave massive messes that ruin the safety and look of your home. Not only does the waste foul smelling, unsightly and likely to make you ill, it also ruins the insulation in your roof.

Animal excrement or any fecal matter is very infectious (some contain parasites) and cause a substantial risk of illness if not handled appropriately. One indication that the excrement is harmful beyond its appearance is the strength of the accompanying odor. It takes an expert inspection to track down all of the built-up waste, because there are loads hiding away where you can't reach it.

When bats, birds and other animals make your attic their home, they also make your attic their toilet. You could be forgiven for thinking that only the pee and poop are dangerous, but in truth a lot of the animal is hazardous. So not only is the excrement horrible smelling and unattractive, it can also affect your health.

Eradication of the animals is the first step in the recovery process. You will have to repair any damage that your home has sustained. In general your chosen company will carry out an attic clean-up to get rid of the droppings and mess that have built up.

The longer the animal stays in your home, the worse the problem is. More often than not there is a need for the cleaning crew to handle the disposal of the bio hazardous mess that remains. This process consists of feces and damaged insulation removal, disinfection and deodorizing and insulation replacement.

The removal of animal excrement really isn't as straightforward as most people seem to think, and a lot of effort, time and thinking go into each session. All urine-soaked insulation must be removed and decontamination treatments applied to kill bacteria. The clean-up process ends with a complete deodorizing treatment to get rid of all odors.

Besides attic clean-up due to animal waste products, another common urban wildlife control treatment is squirrel control. Sure, squirrels are cute, but they have a penchant for causing damage by chewing. Plants, furniture, and doors - nothing is safe.

Don’t be fooled by their appearance - these cute critters can be quite dangerous. Squirrels usually present fire hazards when they build nests in vents, exhaust fans and by chewing wires. Once again, the only way to fix this situation is to call in an expert.

When choosing an animal waste removal and clean-up company, make sure the company has a national wildlife control training program certification, and not just pest control training. You need to find someone who can deal with the problem thoroughly and effectively, so ask questions, check documents, and do your homework. There is no substitute for experience.

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