Monday, January 23, 2012

Water Tanks And What It Can Do

The vast supply of water in first world countries like the US makes people neglect water tanks because they always have a steady supply of water. A natural resource like water is so essential but few only understand this. Nations that are not so rich would probably desire a water tank so that they could have a good supply of water for their needs.

For that reason, we now celebrate World Water Day each year. March 22 marks the date of internation water appreciation and it was set by the United Nations General Assembly. This celebration came to reality in 1993.

There are no major activities to commemorate this day, although the United Nations encourages people to simply not use the tap for the entire day in order to conserve this life-giving natural resource. All countries should take part and the UN has different themes every year for the countries to get involved. Water and the matters concerning our world can be a topic in a certain year.

The UN’s leading allies here are a number of non-governmental organizations across the country and the world. These agencies work hard to attract the attention of governments and various people’s groups in order to promote clean water and the conservation of aquatic habitats around the world. Since 1997, the World Water Council has been able to generate annual participation in a special discussion group called the World Water Forum.

In the panel, the important thing that they discussed is about those billions of people in the globe that have yet to experience clean and safe water. This is something that is really heartbreaking for the reason that clean and safe water is not really a priority of those living in rich countries. For that, the Council annually asks for a report about a specific nation’s water condition.

For the past years, the themes were “Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge” (2011), “Clean Water for a Healthy World” (2010), “Transboundary Waters” (2009), “Sanitation” (2008), “Coping With Water Scarcity” (2007), “Water and Culture” (2006), “Water for Life” (2005), “Water and Disasters” (2004), “Water for Future” (2003), “Water for Development” (2002), and “Water for Health” (2001). Much thought and consideration were clearly put into these socially relevant themes. After it has been done it will now be given to various groups like the Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations Education and the World Health Organization (WHO), just to name a few.

The water tank business is very simple but it does great wonders. Storage tanks are made so that there is a place for water to be put. In terms of irrigation and agriculture, the use of water tanks proves to be beneficial.

Back when civilization was still growing, early humans has already started building a water tank. Just by a river or a lake is where early humans would mostly live. It became a necessity for man to know how to build a water tank so that when he moves far away from water he can have a supply of it.

Today, leading industries in the US still make use of water tanks. Water tanks that are elevated are the ones that are widely used. Elevated water storage makes a force that can push water to the community and various other places.

Water tanks also serve industrial purposes. With this, they are able to feed cattle, cows and animal herds plus water the field. Although it is a humble industry, the manufacture of water tanks is so essential to the conservation of this important natural resource and preservation of life in the planet.

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