Friday, January 13, 2012

Dealing with a Criminal Justice Degree

You can choose from different kinds of criminal justice degree. In this case, the most basic type is called the certificate degree. Typically, a certificate is given after a completion of a specific training program, such as crime scene photography.

When it comes to a certificate course in criminal justice, schools provide classes that focus on an overview of the particular field. These are the kinds of courses that can help you find specific field jobs or if you want, you can also use the certificate to apply for a higher degree. Apart from skills improvement, it is also possible to utilize these certificates if you want to get into a new field.

Some police officers only needed a high school diploma to get into the line of work that they are currently in but for new bloods, an associate’s degree in criminal justice is being required by law enforcement organizations. What you have here is due to the fact that the criminal justice system is no longer as basic as it once was. Basically, employers want the people on their team to be familiar with the topic that they are dealing with.

An associate’s degree takes two years to complete. In this program, students gain knowledge about the basic criminal justice skills while addressing other relevant areas such as criminology, sociology and psychology. The thing with several associate’s degree programs is that they are devoted to the technical side of the criminal justice system.

Someone who has a bachelor's degree has a certain sense of commitment that employers like to see in their applicants and when it comes to this course, it can easily land you a position in any criminal justice field. When it comes to law enforcement positions, roles as investigators or private detectives are really popular these days and if you have a degree, you can be an investigator or detective yourself. Handling all sorts of issues is what private investigators do for a living when they are hired by individuals or business organizations.

FBI agents, probation officers, and administrative employees in the judicial sector are all bachelor’s degree holders and there are other opportunities that can be capitalized on by those who complete the necessary courses. Such a program comes with similar topics of discussion like the associate’s degree but unlike a bachelor's degree, these topics are not discussed fully by the educational instructors. If you are not a degree holder, you might be limited to the administrative positions.

Completing a bachelor’s degree can last you four years. From deviant behavior to criminology and criminal justice, there are different fields that students can engage in when it comes to criminal justice programs from schools like the John Jay College for Criminal Justice and forensic psychology and forensic science are other potential options. It is possible to take an entry level job in the field if you have a bachelor’s degree but you can also take further studies to advance in your profession.

For those who are able to graduate with a masters in criminal justice, they will be able to work effectively in administrative and corrective fields of justice. Aside from gaining entry into the academia, it is possible for those with a masters in criminal justice to engage in jobs as court officers and the like. When it comes to criminal justice graduates, a number of them engage in social work while some study to improve their current line of work.

Universities that offer criminal justice programs have professors that are all criminal justice doctoral degree holders. The thing about a doctoral degree in criminal justice is that this is harder than a masteral program. When it comes to this, students have to have excellent verbal and writing skills and aside from handling tedious course work and passing tests, a dissertation will be required as well.

A criminal justice degree leads you to employment in many aspects of criminal justice system. Aside from crime laboratories, court jobs and a position in the state police department are some of the available options for degree holders who wish to work for the state but local options are available as well. If you want to work in the private sector, you can apply for jobs in insurance agencies or security companies.

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